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Alter Bahnhof Video Walk

by Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
documenta 13, 2012

Artwork audio
documenta 13
Alter Bahnhof Video Walk


With their Video Walk, the artist couple developed a unique medium for instruction on aspects of history. The work offers a walk over the grounds of the Kulturbahnhof in Kassel with a portable media player and headset that are available on loan. Presented on the screen is a video history of the former railway station in text and images. Historical photographs, previously filmed scenes, commentaries, sounds, and music bring the past history of the site alive. Walkers who follow the route described in the video see the places at which they are actually located on the screen. Those who attempt to bring the depicted events in line with reality as they walk experience a peculiar sense of uncertainty and irritation—a slightly uncanny atmosphere of simultaneity in which levels of reality are interwoven and past and present overlap.

Property of: Stadt Kassel


Janet Cardiff ( 1957 in Brussels, Ontario, Canada); George Bures Miller ( 1960 in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada). The two have worked together on multimedia projects in Europe and Canada. They took part in dOCUMENTA 13.