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Arkansas Black Apple

by Jimmie Durham
documenta 13, 2012

Artwork audio
documenta 13
Arkansas Black Apple


Planting trees is a familiar activity within the context of the documenta exhibitions. Following Joseph Beuys’s “City Forestation” project and Penone’s bronze tree, Carolyn Christov-Barkargiev and Jimmie Durham planted two apple trees in the former orchard of the Karlsaue on 25 October 2011. KZ3, “Korbinian’s Apple,” commemorates the life of Pastro Korbinian Aigner, who cultivated this and other varieties while incarcerated at the Dachau concentration camp. The tree was destroyed by unidentified vandals in 2015. What remains is the Arkansas Black Apple Tree. Its rare fruit with its nearly black peel reminded Jimmie Durham of his childhood in the USA. The apple tree, which represents the ecological dimension of dOCUMENTA 13, was regarded by the Artistic Director as the symbol of her exhibition—the symbol of a living organism that gradually takes shape through the interplay of creative forces.

Property of: Land Hessen


Jimmie Durham (* 1940 in Washington, Arkansas, USA) is an artist who works in multiple media and as a political activist on behalf of indigenous peoples. He took part in documenta 9 and 13.