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What is Beyond Plants is at One with Them

by Lois Weinberger
documenta 10, 1997

Artwork audio
documenta 10
What is Beyond Plants is at One with Them


Lois Weinberger’s documenta biotope looks like a neglected area of the Kulturbahnhof. The artist mixed native vegetation with neophytes in the gravel bed of the decommissioned Track 1. The rapidly growing plants from southern and southeastern Europe spread quickly and displaced the original flora. Weinberger views this botanical process, which continues even today, as a metaphor for social processes. Here, global migration has become the theme of an ecological work of art. In a natural development initiated by artificial means, the artist uses the plant world to call attention to the conflict between foreign and native. An understanding of nature should help people gain an understanding of society. In Weinberger’s view, a society’s character is reflected in the manner in which it deals with plants.

Property of: Deutsche Bahn


Lois Weinberger (* 1947 in Stams, Austria) lives in Vienna. Her oeuvre includes objects, installations, drawings, site-based interventions relating to contemporary ecological problems. She took part in documenta 10.