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A granite block …

by Ulrich Rückriem
documenta 7, 1982

Artwork audio
documenta 7
A granite block …


A solid block of impressive clarity occupies the axis of the “Schöne Aussicht” (Beautiful Prospect) between Friedrichsplatz and the neoclassical “Frühstückspavilion.” The title of the work simply cites the steps in the artist’s work process. The minimalistic cube challenges viewers to reflect on the manner in which the stone was processed and to comprehend the procedures involved in its violation, including the process of restoring it to its original condition. Evidence of the fundamental techniques of splitting and cutting is still visible as scars in the form of drill holes, broken edges, and cut lines on the otherwise unprocessed surfaces. Rückriem’s granite block represents a type of sculpture that does not destroy its material by subjecting it to the will of the artist; it seeks instead to achieve its own expressive effect respectfully in the course of the search for its lost wholeness.

A granite block (300 x 180 x 100 cm) split into three sections / Center section cut into four parts / All parts reassembled to original shape of block / Lower section sunk into ground as foundation.

Property of: Land Hessen


Ulrich Rückriem (* 1938 in Düsseldorf) developed a minimalistic, process-oriented concept of the sculpture as a work of art in public space. He took part in documenta 5, 7, 8, and 9.