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Laserscape Kassel

by Horst H. Baumann
documenta 6, 1977

Artwork audio
documenta 6
Laserscape Kassel


As a nocturnal symbol of the documenta city, the world’s first permanent work of laser art weaves a web of spatial and temporal relationships among historical architectures with widely differing functions and historical origins. It connects octagonal cornerstones of the cultural landscape. The pattern of lines has been modified since 1977. A green beam proceeds from the Museum Fridericianum to the Hercules octagon. Another beam touches the tower of the Hessisches Landesmuseum on its way to the Hercules. Yet another is directed toward the central building of the Orangerie, where it is split into three vectors that trace the baroque axes of the park. Thus the web of colored light in the sky forms an immaterial cultural map of the city that is meant to inspire reflection on its history.

Property of: documenta Forum


Horst H. Baumann (* 1934 in Aachen) is a photographer, communication designer, and light artist in Düsseldorf. He develops laser technology as an artistic resource for indoor and outdoor installations. Bauman took part in documenta 6.