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Spatial Sculpture

by Per Kirkeby
documenta 9, 1992

Artwork audio
documenta 9
Spatial Sculpture


Per Kirkeby had a brick sculpture erected behind the Orangerie for documenta 7 in 1982. Although welcomed with enthusiasm by the general public, the work had to be removed for structural reasons. It was replaced at the outermost end of documenta Hall by a spatial sculpture governed by comparable formal principles two exhibitions later. Its anonymous brickwork, which exhibits no individual traces of the production process, places it in contrast to the material used in the construction of documenta Hall. In the meandering course of the wall in this architectural sculpture, inside and outside blend together in a spatial concept which can be experienced by visitors walking through the Hall as an interplay of compactness and transparency, of opening and closing.

Property of: Stadt Kassel


Per Kirkeby (* 1939 in Copenhagen, Denmark). Trained as a geologist, the artist has worked as a painter, sculptor, and architect since the 1960s. He took part in documenta 7 and 9.