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Dreamship Aunt Olga

by Anatol
documenta 6, 1977

Artwork audio
documenta 6
Dreamship Aunt Olga


This fantasy vessel looks like a folded paper boat made by a child and stranded in a meadow. Drawn by a barge on a week-long journey from the North Sea resort of Dangast via Jade Bay and the Weser and Fulda Rivers, Anatol travelled in this ship to the opening of documenta 6 in Kassel. As ambassador of the artists’ association known as the “Freie Akademie Oldenburg,” he wanted to bring the dreams of children to the documenta city. The work is dedicated to Olga Tapken, the owner of a resort house in Dangast on the grounds of which Anatol’s “Free Academy” pursued its creative projects. The Dreamship was presented outside the Orangerie in the middle of the Karlswiese during the exhibition. It was later donated to the Heinrich-Schütz-Schule, where it still stands today.

Property of: Stadt Kassel


Anatol (* 1931 as Karl-Heinz Herzfeld in Insterburg) is a blacksmith, policeman, and a cofounder of the artists’ association known as the “Freie Akademie Oldenburg,” which was modeled after Joseph Beuys’s “Freie Internationale Universität (FIU).” He works primarily on the museum island of Hombroich. Anatol took part in documenta 5, 6, and 7.